Smile in line at the supermarket

If you're able to read this, you are one of the wealthiest human beings on our planet. You are richer than billions of people who will go about their day today. You are practically of royal status. You have immediate access to a slew of technical, agricultural, and cultural accomplishments and comforts - incredibly more so than any of the ~ 45,000 generations of our preceding ancestors. You live as comfortably as any ancient queen or king. You have more than everything you need.

Can you see? You are the one. Amazing, awakened people love you, and would like you to succeed, to rise, to bring your ideas into being, and to discard the obstacles between you and your highest Self. Begin to see the crown that is sitting right there on your head. You are ready to serve. To be unfettered. Be royal. Because you are good. You will get better at this every day. No need to be overwhelmed.
Beginning is simple: remember your breathing and remember to smile. ♥