"Angel Feathers"

New painting by me & the awesome Morgan Mandala.  <3  Prints available here.

Latest print, "Reflections"

A special combination layout of some of the collaborative paintings between me and the awesome Morgan Mandala  

Grab one at www.allofthisisforyou.com/shop!

Ps - get a discount with code 'thanks2017' at checkout! Love you guys - as always, thanks for looking!

The Sunshine Makers

"The Sunshine Makers" is now on Netflix - regardless of which side of the imaginary fence you stand on, it's well worth a watch. 
Nick Sand & Tim Scully are impossible not to love, least of all for dedicating their lives to the valiant, genuine desire to create a less violent world. <3

COSM Workshop 2017


Join us in the soothing setting of Alex and Allyson Grey’s visionary art sanctuary for a 5-day intensive art & painting workshop!

May 31st through June 4th, 2017 - sign up here!

Latest painting

"DakhaBrakha Honey Bucket Afro-beat!"
36" x 48" / acrylic on canvas / 2016  

Created with Morgan Mandala at this year's beautiful Beloved Festival. <3

You can grab a print if you like, from http://www.allofthisisforyou.com/shop/

New Doctor Strange posters!

Here's the the Doctor Strange posters I recently completed for the film's upcoming Imax release! 
So intense working with a design team on a tight deadline; in the end it was a lot of fun and pleased with the way it turned out. Looking forward to this movie big time!