You are what you eat.

it's easy to understand that you are made of the stuff you eat. Your bones, skin, eyes, guts, and mind all originated as food, and that is actually what happened.
Take things a step further and look at the food. Food comes out of the dirt, or the ocean. Sunlight shines on the earth, and plants come out of it, and then you eat the plants. (Or you eat the animals that ate the plants. No one's here to judge.) So, it's very simple: Sun + water + dirt = plants = you. Follow me here.
So there is no part of you that is not made of the earth. Just one step back, and you are Sun, water, dirt. The minerals and molecules and energy go in your mouth, and voila, you're you. You are what you eat.
So then, what are you?
Who are you?

When you think, "I'm me," what's going on there? Have a look at that. (...whenever you like - it's free to look at all the time, and you don't have to ask permission).

Let's say that you think to yourself, "holy shit, am I the planet earth, having a thought?"

I submit to you, my love, that this is in fact the truth, considering that the squishy, amazing stuff - your brain - which is having that thought, is essentially composed of nothing else but the rain and dirt of the planet. Another way of saying it is that the rain and dirt are having the thought, through you.
...we can of course include the sun and stars and comets and intergalactic dust in our consideration, since you're made of those things too, in which case you might think, "holy shit, am I the universe having a thought?"
..but that's a big one. Let's start small. It's a little easier to sink your teeth into the 'you are what you eat' one.

This is one part of what it means to wake up, my love. It's part of who you really are. At least I think so. It makes sense when you think about growing out of the earth and being made of it, instead of just walking around on top of it.
You are so important. All of this is for you!