The Akashic Kiss

"Akashic Kiss"
54" x 24"
acrylic on canvas

 Akasha means "cosmic sky" in sanskrit. "Akashic" lends itself to the idea of a complex matrix of light beneath and within all things, a universal hyperspace. Here it’s partially revealed during a secret, exciting first kiss being witnessed by an angelic ambassador of the divine feminine, and the moon.
Soon to be on display at CoSM! - come on out to a full moon party!

You can  order a print here. 

Sweet, sweet music

 "My headphones. They saved my life."
- Bjork
free mp3 mixes:

artmix_jan2011.mp3 (25:24) - chilled out, for making art or love or both
artists: Androcell, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Entheogenic, Hoopy Frood

alright_jan2011.mp3 (11:36) - heavier head boppin dubsteppy with a positive message, Bill Hicks style
artists: Bill Hicks, Dillion Francis, Paper Diamond, Skrillex, Doctor P

quick_soft_dirty_dec2010.mp3 (12:28) - last month’s mix
artists: Alan Watts,  Lumidee, Missy Elliot (Ben Samples rmx), Crookers,  Robyn (Dillon Francis rmx)

Remember to support the musicians you love by going out to their shows!

Also, you can play with this beautiful thing which someone was nice enough to make:

...for hours. (thanks Adrian!)

For you

With your memory, go back to 2010 and remember someone smiling.
See someone you love smiling. You can close your eyes and see them.

Then you can see another, and then another, and another. A friend smiling in the summertime. Smiles from every day. A year's worth of smiles pour into you, thousands, faster, until there's a river of them, golden and light. They pour in like sunbeams going in reverse, cascading from all directions toward a brilliant center in your chest. They fill you fill up with glowing honey.

They adore you. They believe in you. They smile because you are extraordinary to them. You make them smile.

You are extraordinary.

Serra’s shirts!

if nothing else

My friend Serra stencils these shirts with her hands. Received one as a gift (it’s seriously my favorite shirt) and encourage you to check out Serra's Etsy page.

She is really awesome and the messages are tight.

Ahem... my own prints and original art work  are also for sale.

How flipping awesome is this:

I am framing this. And never washing my eyes again.
(Eric, you are the man.)

I frigging love you Matt. Thank you for everything!

Awesome peeps

Majora Carter
is a Valkyrie. If she doesn't make you want to get your butt in gear, then check your butt.

Majora's TED talk: long as you're watching TED videos, you might invest in Brene Brown's one about vulnerability:
(thanks Ellen <3)

Captyn Zodiak
Yeah, I know, at first glance you think this guy is nuts. Maybe he is. Give him a few minutes though, there's something authentic and beautiful about his videos.

Turn down the lights, quiet the room and be with me and I'll be with you:

Thich Nhat Hahn
is affectionately referred to as "Ticky" around our house, and his simple suggestions for mindfulness practice are potent and accessible. If you're unfamiliar, he's a Buddhist teacher who was nominated for the Nobel peace prize by Martin Luther King. I'm not sure how awesome you have to be to have snagged MLK's vote. My guess is "pretty damn".
"I am breathing in. I am looking at the sky. I am breathing out..."

Part of an interview with Ram Dass:

Mindfulness exercise:

Sketchbook drawing of Ticky. Aw, who's the little man?

Work in progress - Bill Hicks & Goddess

love, laughter, & truth
I've wanted to make a painting of Bill Hicks for a while (along the lines of the Alan Watts one). Bill was a real warrior of the light who delivered gritty (and very fucking funny) stand up comedy laced with poetic messages of universal oneness. He was just 32 when he died in from pancreatic cancer 1994.

 I've finally begun working on it and real excited to see where it will go. Bill was a beautiful soul. Hopefully I can do him some justice.

Also continuing work on the commissioned "Goddess" painting for my friend Zita. It has undergone some painful revisions recently (so painful in fact, that I can't even bring myself to upload a new pic). But hey, the process is the process.

She's the goddess of creation, the daughter of time and inevitability.  

Yay first one!

Welp, there it is ya'll.

2011 will mark the seventh year that I've been walking around calling myself an artist. I'm beyond grateful for this amazing journey, and find my dedication continuously renewed by the collective enthusiasm. By your enthusiasm. Whenever I feel wiped out, I take a deep breath, and get my ass up, and get back in front of the canvas so I won’t let everyone down. The kindling on this little campfire is going pretty good. This newsletter is an effort to throw some logs on the thing (then let's dance around it with everything we’ve got til dawn and watch the sun come up with our arms around each other) and to keep myself sane by reaching out to people in a positive way. Feel free to forward it along to anyone who might enjoy it.

Thank you dearly for helping me find this voice and teaching me how to speak with it; for nourishing the confidence to raise this tiny paintbrush a little higher into the sky in the name of something Good and Beautiful. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for everything. I promise to do my best and never give up.


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