Thanks for such an amazing summer everyone! We are fueled by an overflowing abundance of creative outpouring, legendary smiles & connections, dancing together under the moon, and divine moments of truth.
Time to go through all the photos and nostalgically bathe in warm and creamy reminiscence. Ah, autumn... 

Some recent updates: 

- Started a "collaborations" section, featuring some of the combined efforts with beloved fellow painters.

- Updated the "found wood" series with some happy dimethyl-muppets.

- Check out this fun morphing gif my good friend Ben Ridgway put together of the 'skulls' paintings.

- And I'm delighted to be featured on Huffington Post, in Jacob Devaney's eloquent synopsis of his time at Symbiosis Gathering!

"Space Pussy" :P -  live painting from Rootwire 2013

Stay tuned kids, more good things to come!

"Enchanted" collaboration

10' x 6' mural painted with
fellow artists Derek Heinemann, Jonathan Solter, Dela Artist, and Seth McMahon over 4 days at this year's Enchanted Forest festival in Mendocino, CA.

It was a profound experience to get to create with these
amazing friends under the loving canopy of the California redwoods, such a beautiful event!

Gallery wrapped stretched canvas prints of this collaborative piece are available through the site:
Ships free inside the US! :)

Drawing with devotion @ CoSM

Join us for an afternoon and evening of art and connection at CoSM on August 10th! 

Why paintings are better than rims

Generally speaking, rims (for your car) cost about as much as most original artwork does. Here's a little list to sway you the next time you're trying to decide which one to go with...
Why paintings are better than rims:

- Paintings are a longer established status symbol, since it looks like you're into status symbols.
- You don't have to take your paintings to the car wash once a month and spray them with a de-greasing cleanser.
- Paintings get more interesting the longer you look at them. Rims are just shiny.
- An artist can live for about a year on what you paid for your rims... so you got rims, and an artist died.
- You sound more intelligent when talking about your art collection than you do when talking about your rims collection.
- Rims use gas, a non-renewable resource. Paintings use your mind. 


Another little dubstep mix for the soul


Value these feats of the psyche very highly

I've recently and slowly begun digesting "The Portable Jung" edited by Joseph Campbell. (Campbell is must-read for you young and budding western philosophers, by the way, if you're unfamiliar with his work. "Sukhavati" is well worth a watch if reading doesn't fit into our technology-saturated day.)

There's a passage in the foreword where Campbell points out that "nature cares nothing whatsoever about a higher level of consciousness" and that society "does not value these feats of the psyche very highly; its prizes are always given for achievement and not for personality, the latter being rewarded for the most part posthumously."

...which is poses the question: why would you work on yourself? I can't think of a single worthwhile instance of societal or monetary reward for the practice of being nice ..maybe the Nobel peace prize... but come on. Selfishness, greed, ignorance, and intolerance are still so laughably front and center in the business and political world and so clearly holding us back as a global community. The little guys, however well-meaning, must commit daily environmental horrors to barely keep up (think of how many plastic packages you opened today, in order to simply eat). Exceptional kindness, open-mindedness, and compassion should be an absolute requirement for leadership, wealth, and power, and those things aren't even suggested. The individual has seemingly no reason for pursuing any internal accomplishments, and the whole world is (still) burning because of it. That I'm perhaps one of the nicest and most intelligent people you know is completely terrifying, isn't it? :P

Well, fuck that. Let's change it then. It is over due. Change it from within. You'll have to be the beacon, but all you have to do (really) is take deep breaths and have an open mind. It's a practice, just do your best every day. You have my humble blessing, in any case, dear Lightweaver. I can't pay you jack shit, but you have my blessing. ♥

New prints:

"Flaming June (Remix)"   
12.5"x17.5" - $20    
printed on 100 lb gloss paper

"Bitch I'm a Unicorn"  
** limited edition of 25 **
signed & numbered
14"x18" - $55
printed on sustainably produced archival paper

Summer events!

Here's some of the events I'll be taking part in this summer - hope to see you there!

The Digital Renaissance Faire
May 23rd - May 27th
11820 Eagle Lakes Road, Soda Springs CA

Inner Sanctum
Saturday, June 8
The Center SF
548 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA

Manifest Festival 
June 21st - 23rd
Angel's Camp, CA

June 28th - July 1st
Camp Navarro, Mendocino County, CA

Northern Nights
July 19th - 21st
Cooks Valley Campground, Mendocino CA

July 25th – July 28th
Lake Hartwell, SC
August 15th -18th
Kaeppner’s Woods, OH

Symbiosis Gathering
September 19th - 23rd
Oakdale, CA

Solpurpose feature

The amazing human beings over at Solpurpose.com just dropped an extensive feature about yours truly! 

So proud to announce this one! A true labor of love interview with me and my best buddy Jon Ohia, expertly laid out and crafted by the kind mastermind Ehren Cruz. Worth a read if you've ever wondered where I'm coming from, and  includes, hopefully, some positive blossoms for artists (and everyone else) to sip a bit of nectar from.  :)

Call to action - Help build Entheon

Alex and Allyson Grey have had such a profoundly positive influence on so many, and their ongoing mission for an art sanctuary is one of the best things going on in the world. We either make the goal or lose it all - be part of something beautiful and good!

There are many great rewards available for pledging, and the video itself is worth the watch. Let's get this to as many people as we can and help build a lasting sanctuary for visionary art.

Please spread the word and make a pledge if you can!
Thank You ::: )

The shirts return!

The second run of the Fawkes sublimation T-shirts is now available!

Just in time for festival season - let that torso breathe in the sunshine, in awakening style.  :D


Special thanks to the beloved Threyda collective for all the hard work!

MAPS & Bicycle Day

Thank you to everyone who made the MAPS conference & Bicycle Day celebration such an amazing time! Such an honor to share art, ideas, good music, and enthusiasm, as well as some vulnerability and deep exploration, with some of the best people on the planet.
Absolutely bathed in love and support from this transformational weekend! 

* photo by Brian Scott Hampton

Spice Monkey

new found wood pieces @ Art Murmur

Aw yeah - Oakland Art Murmur tomorrow night!

Come stop by when you're out at the dopest First Friday in the whole country!

Original paintings and prints available, + new little ones lovingly crafted on pieces of wood, found on the streets of Oakland...

8 pm April 5th 2013
@ Spice Monkey
17th & Webster 

google maps: 1628 Webster St

+ Musical performance by Mama Crow

Collaboration print

Excited to offer new prints of the collaborative piece, "Tree of Life", created with the enchanting and brilliant Ms. Amanda Sage last summer, during several celebratory events with CoSM*  in New York.

printed on 100 lb gloss paper 

You can order one online here!

Inside us is Utopia... a seed, an egg, a tree, a nest, a city, a train, a planet...  
give it water and sunshine...

* Please consider supporting Alex and Allyson Grey's amazing mission @ CoSM.org.