Homer shirts are here!

Psychedelic Homer shirts from Visionlab!

Awww yeeeah!
Super excited to announce the launch of the new Homer shirts through Vision Lab Art!

These guys do great work and have a kick-ass mission, delivering visionary art with dedication to sustainable production. The shirts are U.S. produced in-house, from cut & sew sublimation, and they last (and they're made out of recycled plastic bottles!).

Check 'em out!

Psychedelic Homer shirts from Visionlab

Canvas print sale on Etsy!

%15 off with coupon code CANVAS815 


Through August 31st.

These are super sturdy & handmade with love by us from scratch. Signed on the back, comes with a free gift, and ships free in the US! 

As always, thanks for looking! :)


Electric Forest 2015 pics

An amazing time was had in our little paradise, at this year's Electric Forest Fesitval! We love you guys, see you all next year!  Thank you Krystle, Morgan, Justin, Jeroch, Dala, Alexsandra, and everyone else. <3

Random quote generator

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Click the goose to receive her wisdom.

Instagram Sharpie Drawings

Been adding these freestyle drawings with words to the Instagram feed lately, just to get some doodling out of my system:


You can follow me to see them as they come.  :)

Thanks for looking! <3

❤ Valentine's collab with Dave Heskin & Aloria Weaver


 Join us this weekend in Loveland!
Really excited to be doing a Valentine's Day collaboration painting with our friends, the extremely talented
David Heskin and Aloria Weaver.


Art as Prayer Workshop at CoSM


Art as Prayer
with Randal Roberts
June 3rd - 5th, 2015

hosted at CoSM

Join us for a 3-day intensive workshop exploring art as prayer, in the soothing setting of Alex and Allyson Grey’s visionary art sanctuary in Wappingers Falls, NY. 

In this class, we’ll look at various ways in which people throughout human culture have used art to express and relate to the curious place where their own living consciousness intersected with the infinite. Through discussion and simple drawing exercises, participants will be encouraged to develop a unique and personal artistic language; to contemplate using art as a meditation and and way of enhancing a connection to the deeper self..

Assisted by the amazing Morgan Mandala

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