Group show in SF @ Public Works - September 17th

My dear friend Jason Cohen hooked up show at Roll Up, an intimate gallery which is part of the popular Public Works in San Francisco. I'm working like crazy on a cluster of these little God's-eye hearts which will accompany some prints & work by other amazing Bay area artists.

The evening will also include Jason's awesome drawing party event in the massive space upstairs, so you creative types be sure to show up like bosses with your Microns & Moleskines. Going to be an amazing night!

Event links:

* p.s. - Bassnectar is also playing just down the street on the 17th, if you want to rage into the night!

New prints ..on vinyl

The big vinyl banners produced for the wonderful GetUp Gallery at July's legendary Camp Bisco festival are now available as a limited run. These monster near-original sized prints are sure to light up any space!

Now $175 - includes shipping inside the U.S.!

A happy patron @ Camp Bisco :D
Photo by Andy Milford

There are also a few prized signed blotter prints left, after what we've come to lovingly refer to as "boingboing madness" happened earlier this summer. It was quite exhilarating sending all those potentially contraband prints through the U.S. post office out to all their new homes!

Thank you everyone for the support, and special thanks to the always awesome

New originals

New work: "Gnome Sane"
11"x27" / acrylic on found wood
Unique, original work will continue to be available for one-click purchase through the site. Check back from time to time, as it will be updated with new pieces as they are produced.

All work is available on a sliding scale or installments, so if there is something you like and you're ballin' on a budget, get in touch. "If nothing else, believe in art."

New stuff will also be announced on the FB fan page, so like it like it like it if you'd like to be notified!

Store - originals

Yay electronic music is awesome

    free mp3 mix downloads:

3 song pregame - Get the night started right.
artists: Dillon Francis & Nadastrom

lovestep summer (pt.2) - "When love beckons to you, follow him, though his ways are hard and steep."
various artists

partyinpartyin - just put ya hands up. And shake it.
artists: Rebecca Black, J-trick, Slink/Rodrigo y Gabriela, Buzztech, AC Slater, Black Eyed Peas (Afrojack & Lee Swagger rmxs), Flux Pav & Doctor P

Painting on found stuff

You can find stuff like this...
...and turn it into stuff like this.
One of the many cool things about Oakland is the inherent 'unofficial recycling program' in place concerning junk left on the sidewalk. Anything from decent couches to battle-worn entertainment centers get left out on the street all the time (almost on a daily basis in this neighborhood). This doesn't much depreciate the city's natural beauty however, as the items tend to be left in an orderly "take me" fashion, and are usually whisked away by hopeful new owners within hours. My humble contribution to this fascinating system of re-use is to make paintings out of the various broken materials and wooden panels I find walking home. Sometimes upon first glancing at an old worn-out dresser, it's as if a completed image comes to mind in a flash, vibrant and alive, commanding it's life be acknowledged and the work carried out... haven't found a way to turn down psychic assignments from discarded furniture, so the new canvas comes home and it gets started.

The result can be a unique piece of art, hopefully embodying some essential sliver of impermanence, the profound actuality that every form changes and changes. Hopefully this relays how the process can be beautiful.  
It can be rewarding to observe and participate in the (re)cycle of existence this way - try it yourself!
All you need is some gesso and a little of your precious time.

Featured artists

Check these people out, they are beautiful:
Heidi Tallifer
Jeff Wood
Ben Tolman

"The Goddess of Creation"

"Goddess of Creation"
36" x 48"/2010-11/acrylic on canvas
Our dear friend Zita commissioned this painting, expressing only that the title should be "The Goddess of Creation". After a year of work and revisions (and probably too much fretting over the golden ratio) the completed piece arrived in her loving home this spring.

For the ancient Greeks, Creation was the child of Chronos and Ananke, or Time and Inevitability. Here she emerges from a cosmic egg, gently brandishing a lotus of divine inspiration in one hand while using the other to self-generate into physical form. She sings as she arrives, and a tiny perfect being, a delegate angel of the higher Self, materializes in her heart to witness in calm compassion.
As Shiva's corpse lays beneath his beloved wife Kali, so the artist rests his weary bones beneath the Goddess, leaving behind only humble instruments once used in devotion to her. The dewy forest will consume the rest; nourishment for the sacred place where She, blazing and vibrant, arrives from darkness and gives birth to darkness.

♥ thank you Zita!

Full-time art

This summer was an extremely transformative one, containing the kind of earth-shaking life changes that provide us with that very precious, very short, list of what is really important in our lives. It would appear that eventually we're all subject to (or blessed with) such changes. Ram Dass has referred to these times as "fierce grace".
For me, these changes included moving from beloved New York back out to beloved California, with a renewed devotion to the love and art in my life. Whether it means living on peanut butter sandwiches indefinitely or not, I've claimed painting as a full-time profession.

I hope very much that this choice will reflect the beauty, compassion, support, and awakening I've been fortunate enough to experience. Thank you, deeply, to all the truly noble angels out there.
May we all work in the name of gratitude, and express our highest selves in this next exciting phase! May our efforts contribute to a great uplifting. 

...consequently, I'm available once again to take commissions. :)
If you or someone you know has a vision that would be a good fit with my work, please email me with a proposal:

All for you:

The world I love
The tears I drop
To be part of 
The wave can't stop 
Ever wonder if it's all for you..?

- from "Can't stop" by rhcp