Eye love you

When creating art, it is crucial to acknowledge where the darkest dark and lightest light are going to be. Synchronously, if the artist places them next to each other in their piece, it tends to be more compelling. When learning how to draw the human figure, we discover that the eye contains (nearly always) the darkest dark and the lightest light, in the pupil and the glint, respectively.

When we look into the eyes of a friend or lover or beloved pet, there is sometimes a kind of fear, or at least a deep and desperate sense of seeking, beneath our adoration in the recesses of our minds. Have you also noticed this? Our heart seems to sort of ask, "are you there god?" between quick glimpses and shared smiles. The eyes of a cherished companion seem like a feasible avenue for that inquiry. If not there, then where at all?

So there's an analogy here... and sort of an answer. Perhaps the eternity that awaits us is blackness and nothing more; the darkest black like the inside of the pupil. However, in this living moment, on the precipice of boundless dark, there is that darn spark of light. Perhaps they were placed next to each other by god the artist for fascinating effect. Or maybe our fevered poetic minds must inject meaning where there is none. But to be sure, inside the pupil is where all light and color is interpreted, and it's where you are.