Why paintings are better than rims

Generally speaking, rims (for your car) cost about as much as most original artwork does. Here's a little list to sway you the next time you're trying to decide which one to go with...
Why paintings are better than rims:

- Paintings are a longer established status symbol, since it looks like you're into status symbols.
- You don't have to take your paintings to the car wash once a month and spray them with a de-greasing cleanser.
- Paintings get more interesting the longer you look at them. Rims are just shiny.
- An artist can live for about a year on what you paid for your rims... so you got rims, and an artist died.
- You sound more intelligent when talking about your art collection than you do when talking about your rims collection.
- Rims use gas, a non-renewable resource. Paintings use your mind.