"The Goddess of Creation"

"Goddess of Creation"
36" x 48"/2010-11/acrylic on canvas
Our dear friend Zita commissioned this painting, expressing only that the title should be "The Goddess of Creation". After a year of work and revisions (and probably too much fretting over the golden ratio) the completed piece arrived in her loving home this spring.

For the ancient Greeks, Creation was the child of Chronos and Ananke, or Time and Inevitability. Here she emerges from a cosmic egg, gently brandishing a lotus of divine inspiration in one hand while using the other to self-generate into physical form. She sings as she arrives, and a tiny perfect being, a delegate angel of the higher Self, materializes in her heart to witness in calm compassion.
As Shiva's corpse lays beneath his beloved wife Kali, so the artist rests his weary bones beneath the Goddess, leaving behind only humble instruments once used in devotion to her. The dewy forest will consume the rest; nourishment for the sacred place where She, blazing and vibrant, arrives from darkness and gives birth to darkness.

♥ thank you Zita!