Full-time art

This summer was an extremely transformative one, containing the kind of earth-shaking life changes that provide us with that very precious, very short, list of what is really important in our lives. It would appear that eventually we're all subject to (or blessed with) such changes. Ram Dass has referred to these times as "fierce grace".
For me, these changes included moving from beloved New York back out to beloved California, with a renewed devotion to the love and art in my life. Whether it means living on peanut butter sandwiches indefinitely or not, I've claimed painting as a full-time profession.

I hope very much that this choice will reflect the beauty, compassion, support, and awakening I've been fortunate enough to experience. Thank you, deeply, to all the truly noble angels out there.
May we all work in the name of gratitude, and express our highest selves in this next exciting phase! May our efforts contribute to a great uplifting. 

...consequently, I'm available once again to take commissions. :)
If you or someone you know has a vision that would be a good fit with my work, please email me with a proposal: