Sweet, sweet music

 "My headphones. They saved my life."
- Bjork
free mp3 mixes:

artmix_jan2011.mp3 (25:24) - chilled out, for making art or love or both
artists: Androcell, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Entheogenic, Hoopy Frood

alright_jan2011.mp3 (11:36) - heavier head boppin dubsteppy with a positive message, Bill Hicks style
artists: Bill Hicks, Dillion Francis, Paper Diamond, Skrillex, Doctor P

quick_soft_dirty_dec2010.mp3 (12:28) - last month’s mix
artists: Alan Watts,  Lumidee, Missy Elliot (Ben Samples rmx), Crookers,  Robyn (Dillon Francis rmx)

Remember to support the musicians you love by going out to their shows!

Also, you can play with this beautiful thing which someone was nice enough to make:

...for hours. (thanks Adrian!)