Awesome peeps

Majora Carter
is a Valkyrie. If she doesn't make you want to get your butt in gear, then check your butt.

Majora's TED talk: long as you're watching TED videos, you might invest in Brene Brown's one about vulnerability:
(thanks Ellen <3)

Captyn Zodiak
Yeah, I know, at first glance you think this guy is nuts. Maybe he is. Give him a few minutes though, there's something authentic and beautiful about his videos.

Turn down the lights, quiet the room and be with me and I'll be with you:

Thich Nhat Hahn
is affectionately referred to as "Ticky" around our house, and his simple suggestions for mindfulness practice are potent and accessible. If you're unfamiliar, he's a Buddhist teacher who was nominated for the Nobel peace prize by Martin Luther King. I'm not sure how awesome you have to be to have snagged MLK's vote. My guess is "pretty damn".
"I am breathing in. I am looking at the sky. I am breathing out..."

Part of an interview with Ram Dass:

Mindfulness exercise:

Sketchbook drawing of Ticky. Aw, who's the little man?