Work in progress - Bill Hicks & Goddess

love, laughter, & truth
I've wanted to make a painting of Bill Hicks for a while (along the lines of the Alan Watts one). Bill was a real warrior of the light who delivered gritty (and very fucking funny) stand up comedy laced with poetic messages of universal oneness. He was just 32 when he died in from pancreatic cancer 1994.

 I've finally begun working on it and real excited to see where it will go. Bill was a beautiful soul. Hopefully I can do him some justice.

Also continuing work on the commissioned "Goddess" painting for my friend Zita. It has undergone some painful revisions recently (so painful in fact, that I can't even bring myself to upload a new pic). But hey, the process is the process.

She's the goddess of creation, the daughter of time and inevitability.