Yay first one!

Welp, there it is ya'll.

2011 will mark the seventh year that I've been walking around calling myself an artist. I'm beyond grateful for this amazing journey, and find my dedication continuously renewed by the collective enthusiasm. By your enthusiasm. Whenever I feel wiped out, I take a deep breath, and get my ass up, and get back in front of the canvas so I won’t let everyone down. The kindling on this little campfire is going pretty good. This newsletter is an effort to throw some logs on the thing (then let's dance around it with everything we’ve got til dawn and watch the sun come up with our arms around each other) and to keep myself sane by reaching out to people in a positive way. Feel free to forward it along to anyone who might enjoy it.

Thank you dearly for helping me find this voice and teaching me how to speak with it; for nourishing the confidence to raise this tiny paintbrush a little higher into the sky in the name of something Good and Beautiful. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for everything. I promise to do my best and never give up.


You are receiving this because I genuinely thought you might like it; there are no ulterior motives other than the obvious promotion of the art and the humble hope of putting some good juice drops out there in the consciousness ocean. I'll never give your email to anyone, ever, and these newsletters will only clog your inbox a few times a year.

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